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U.S. Contracting Group provides a 24/7  Emergency Restoration Response

Orlando Fl. - USA Contracting Group is a Central Florida restoration company which provides an immediate 24/7 response to Fire Damage, Wind Damage, Water Damage and other catastrophic events which impact homes and businesses in Orlando and the surrounding communities.Owned and operated by construction, remodeling and restoration veterans;  USA Contracting Group prides themselves on being  " the single call you need to make" for property owners  to get their home or business restored in the shortest period of time, One call to USA Contractors Group begins the restoration and renovation process. Don't hesitate or delay! Call 800-492-1909 today!

Fire Restoration

fire-damageFire Damage knows no boundaries and possibly is the most traumatizing catastrophic event we can experience. Everything in our homes is at risk when fire occurs and while  hopefully everyone has escaped the danger,what about the aftermath? US Contracting Group has helped many Central Florida families recover from a fire's aftermath .   .

Water Damage Restoration

flood The Intrusion of water into our homes and businesses sets off a chain of events which requires immediate action if substantial damage to homes are to be avoided. Whether the water has come from a flood outside  or maybe a pipe burst within a wall; the potential for damage is the same and all standing water and moisture must be immediately extracted before restoration can take place. .

Storm Damage

wind-damage Florida's weather is unpredictable with large scale damaging events but also micro-bursts which can cause wind, water and flood damage in a relatively small area, Many of us remember the hurricanes of 2005 and the roof damage and fallen trees which resulted. US Contracting Group stands ready to quickly repair wind or water damage caused by storms. Don't undertake dangerous repairs by yourself. Call US Contracting Group!

Mold Remediation

mold (2) Mold are Fungi and propagates though the air with the released  spores feeding on surfaces like fabrics, carpets, drywall, food. Often buildings that have suffered a flood or water emergency will develop mold spores within 24 to 48 hours. Types of mold have been shown to cause serious health problems including respiratory infections, fatigue, headaches or other maladies.

Visit our Gallery of Restoration and Renovation Projects

Visit our  Gallery of Restoration and Renovation projects here in the Central Florida area for detailed before and after pictures of emergency restoration and renovations projects undertaken by US Contracting Group assisting Orlando area homeowners during their time of need.